The change:

YouTube now requires Monetization to be enabled and a linked AdSense account for you to embed your live stream videos on 3rd party websites.

What is the problem?

Users will not be able to embed live streams in Webinarignition or any other website without first linking a Adsense account to their YouTube account.

What does the problem look like?

Visitors to your Webinar will see the screen below instead of the live stream you embedded. 


The message will read: "Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner."

Does this affect me?

YouTube is still in the process of rolling this change out. 

This means that not everyone will be affected yet and, if you are still able to embed your live streams in WebinarIgnition, then you do not have follow the rest of this article (yet).

However if you want to future proof yourself, you can follow along with steps below.

How do I fix it?

1. Sign in to the YouTube account that you use with WebinarIgnition.

2. Next go to . You will see the following options: 


3. The options that concern us are "Monetization" and "Embed live streams".

4. Firstly enable Monetization. You will then be presented with a screen like this:


5. Click on "Get started" and then complete the steps to setup or create a Adsense account.

6. When you are done creating your Adsense account, you will see a message explaining that your Adsense application is being reviewed (this can take approximately 48 hours) and you will receive a email when it has been reviewed.
(Please wait for your Adsense account to be reviewed before continuing on to the next steps).

7. Once your Adsense account has been approved go back to the screen from step 2 ( and then go the "Embed live streams" option and click "Enable".

8. Then go to and make sure to tick "Allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos"


Note: Ads will only be displayed on videos that you specifically opt to monetize (you can confirm this by going to the "MONETIZATION" tab for a specific video).


That is it, you will now be able embed your Live Streams in WebinarIgnition!

If you experience any problems with the steps above, please let us know by submitting a ticket at

Warm regards,

DigitalKickstart Team