The problem:

Users who have https enabled on their websites might find that their video or live stream is not being displayed on the webinar page.

So far we have only seen this with Youtube but, the following steps should apply to any video provider (Vimeo, Wistia etc.)

You will see this:


How do I know if I have https enabled?

The url to website will start with "https" e.g.

How do I get my video to display?

1. Firstly have a look at your embed code.

See the example below (notice the url starts with http:// and not https://):


2. all you have to do is, change http to https (just add a "s"). Your embed code should now look something like this:


3. Now just click "Save and Update" near the top right to save this change.

That is it, your video will now be played as normal.

If following these steps do not solve your problem, please let us know at

Warm regards,
DigitalKickstart Team