Youtube is in the process of switching over to Live Streams and in the mean time we suggest you start your live webinar directly from within Youtube and not the Webinarignition Dashboard.

To do this please follow the steps below:

1. Sign into

2. next click on "My Channel" on the left and then click on "Video Manager" near the top.

3. Then on the left click on "Live Streaming" and then on "Stream now".

4. Now click on "New live event" near the top right.

5. Fill in the title and description for your Webinar and then click "Go live now" near the top right.

6. You will see this message (just click "OK"):

7. You might be prompted to turn on your webcam:

8. Next, have a look at the bottom right of the broadcast window, you will see a link named "Links", click on this to see your embed code:

9. Copy this embed code ("Video embed") and then head over to Webinarignition/Wordpress and go to the "Live webinar" tab and, then under "Webinar Live Embed Video Settings" paste the embed code in the field named "Live video embed code" and then click "Save & Update":

10. You are now ready to start your live webinar, to do this head back to Youtube and at the bottom of the broadcast window click the "Start Broadcast" button.

    You are now "Live"


      If someone watching your webinar sees this instead of your live stream:

     Then please read this article to find out why and how to fix it:

Best regards,

Digitalkickstart Team