Step 1: Copy the product id of the products you want to display a specific widgets on

Step 2: Go to your Shopify admin

Here you have to click on "customize your theme"

Step 3: Edit code for your current theme

Step 3: Install on the Shopify Products page based on conditions: 

Search for "main-product.liquid" and paste Provely Embed Script here. You can adjust the if/elseif/else conditions based on your needs i.e where you want to display a specific widget. 

Shopify if/elseif/else statement:

{%- if == 7697532977395  -%}

    Paste embed script here

{%- elsif == 7715709583603 -%}

    Paste embed script here

{%- else -%}

    Paste embed script here

{%- endif -%}

Here in this example, we are loading different provely embed scripts on Shopify product pages based on the condition. If a user visits the product page with, he will see a different widget; if he visits other product pages he'll see different widgets from