The session recordings are not actual recordings, but merely a representation of the user's behaviour on the site. It does not physically reproduce any actions (such as keypresses, clicks or mouse movements) but merely graphically represents them.

Here's a couple of nuances which might further clarify things for you:

  • Heatmap Tracker has never and will never keylog your visitors. This is a huge privacy concern which can create legal issues for both you and us if your site inadvertently records somebody's private information, such as their credit card details on order pages, passwords etc.
  • If your user is using a mobile phone or tablet, then there is no mouse to track and therefore you will not see the mouse in the recordings.
  • If your visitor never moves the mouse on the website itself, you will not see the mouse pointer. So, if for example they simply scroll using the mousewheel or the scroll bar on the browser, you will not see the mouse.
  • If your visitor has a bigger screen than yours and you're watching the recording on your smaller screen, then mouse movements tracked outside of the range your screen will not be visible.