Note: That when using the webook you only need to add the Provely display code (from step 7) to your site, it will handle displaying the contacts while the Woocommerce webhook will handle sending contacts directly to Provely.

The track code from step 3 is not needed.


1. First open you Provely campaign settings.

2. Navigate to step 3. 

3. In the "Data Source" drop down list select Woocommerce.

4. Copy the webhook url as shown below (Note: There is no need to save anything here just copy the url):

5. Next open your Wordpress dashboard and then under Woocommerce select Settings, then click the Advanced tab and then under that select webhooks and then click Add webhook.

6. Now you will have the webhook configuration page.

  1. Name the webhook anything you like.
  2. Set it's status to Active.
  3. Choose the relevant topic/event. E.g. For purchases select Order created.
  4. Paste the Provely webhook url into Delivery Url.
  5. Leave Secret empty.
  6. Also leave API version as is.
  7. Finally click Save.

Once you clicked save Woocommerce will test the Webhook and it will display a notification that the webhook was successfully created.

That's it!